Friday, September 9, 2011

Cure SMA Awareness Bracelets...(by Lindsay & Michael)

Coming to grips with a diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (known as SMA) has just begun for our family. We sit in wonder of the complexities of the human body; the delicate dance that nature has instrumented in all of us. We cry over thoughts that seem to overwhelm us without warning. We leave rooms full of people to try to gather our minds and once more step into reality. We defend ourselves from the twisting knot that travels from our stomach to our heads.

We look at Ella with a deep gaze that somehow penetrates the walls of SMA and brings us closer to our daughter; to our children. We teach Ava and Henry how to be gentle while still treating her like their sister. We let go of small pieces of dreams we had not so long ago and seek other dreams to grab a hold of. The lumps in our throats that form when we talk about Ella in terms of SMA cannot be quelled by anything except time.

Coming to grips is a long way off as we see it. The SMA hovers; at times hiding; at times visible and hovers.

Early on, when we found out that our third baby has a terminal disease...a disease that has eluded a treatment or a cure...we boldly told each other that we have to keep Ella alive until they find a cure. We made efforts to learn as much as we could about this disease called "SMA". We know a lot about it now.

We know that the leaps and bounds made in research for treatments and a cure have been possible largely by the efforts of those families affected by SMA many years ago. Their perseverance and desire to save their children has brought this disease to its knees...and we intend to bring it down for good.

Families of SMA (FSMA) was started some 25 years ago by one such family and has grown to be a leading organization serving all families affected by SMA and supporting incredible research efforts to find treatments and a cure.

We proudly and with every fiber of our being join them in their efforts.

Lindsay has designed three perfect bracelets in honor of Ella. Her efforts spanned several weeks, many late nights, and countless hours to create the finest outward symbol of our love and dedication to our family.

Through our family business, Mama Bracelets, we proudly bring these bracelets to you and many others. Mama Bracelets will lovingly donate a generous portion of every "Cure SMA" bracelet sale directly to FSMA. The remaining monies will be allocated to pay for any medical supplies, equipment, or necessary expenses for Ella.

Below you find pictures showcasing the
"Cure SMA" Collection.
Each picture is linked directly to our Mama Bracelets website page featuring that specific bracelet.

Cure SMA Collection


Cure SMA Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystals Bracelet


Cure SMA Sterling Silver Open Circle Leather Cord Bracelet


Cure SMA Adjustable Leather Bracelet with Silver Plate

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