Monday, May 1, 2017

Dare We Say?...(by Michael)

Two weeks sounds like an eternity. Two weeks seems so far off.  Two weeks seems untouchable. Ella's first Spinraza dose is scheduled for two weeks from now!! YES--insurance gave her their final approval!!

A treatment, that in our minds was far from our grasp; yet we sit in the kitchen talking about what that first injection will be like; we talk about what to expect, how to handle any pain, and ways to be realistic about waiting to see what happens next.

In the art of writing there is always the author's intention to lead to a climax, a heightened awareness of what the story is all about.  You would think that this news would be the climax of the "Ella Story"---but dare we say,  dare we venture to ascertain,  dare we challenge the notion...that this is not the climax? This is not the high point for Ella? That this is just the beginning of new and exhilarating chapters in her life? 

We hold hope for her---hope for wonderful things yet to come.  

Let's watch and find out...